jeudi 21 mai 2015


Faora, the last base card I've done for Cryptozoic, for their DC Super-Villains trading cards set. Great time on the armor and the leather. Hard time on the Fortress of Solitude ice effect, but it was worth it. 

samedi 17 janvier 2015

Doc Savage!

I'm a fan of The Man Of Bronze. I mean, the pulps, the comics and the art produced around him, particulary by Jim Bama. Here is my little tribute, once again a Drin'n'Draw theme (mine of course) completed at home.

Grand Moff Tarkin

Portrait of the late actor Peter Cushing, a.k.a Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars. I've begun this one during a Drink'n'Draw session (portrait of actors) and completed at home like 2 years later. Too much to do, so little time... Pencils and white acrylic paint on tainted paper.

samedi 6 septembre 2014

vendredi 6 septembre 2013

Catwoman, Making Of a Base Card.

For the Women Of Legend set, I've had the opportunity to do my first base card for Cryptozoic and DC. Catwoman, no less! Every part of the work was a blast, from prelim to finished colors. And a cameo again of Monsieur le Baron, a.k.a. Jacques Insermini.

Cryptozoic wanted to see Catwoman stealing a jewel, hanged by a rope from the ceiling. First I've made 2 proposals, with intentions of colors.

They went for proposal #2, less dramatic angle, but well... I've done the pencil and inking on a DC comics template, a bit taller in proportion than the card.
Oh, don't call anymore, folks! The original is sold!

The process for the colors is the same as Galactus, thought there are a few more layers for textures and light effects.

Let's finish with Walking Dead....

I've had to do 50 cards for the second set of Walking Dead The Comic Book Sketchcards. It was a bit too much and I almost ran out of inspiration since it was specified that I shoud draw only 20% of zombi cards. So I've drawn some with the regular characters too.

1: Thomas, 2 : Zombi, 3: Axel, 4: Lorie, 5: Zombi, 6: Zombis, 7: Dale, 8: Carl, 9: Allen.

1,2: Michonne, 3: Tyreese and Julia, 4: Eugene, 5: Andrea, 6: The Governor, 7: Rick, 8: Zombi, 9: Billy.

1: Sophia, 2: Abraham, 3: Zombi, 4: Doctor Stevens, 5: Paul "Jesus" Monroe, 6: Negan, 7: Carol, 8: Regina, 9: Douglas.

1: Morgan w/ son, 2: Negan's Goon, 3: Zombi, 4: Maggie, 5: Tyreese, 6: Holly, 7: Glenn, 8: Rosita, 9: Eugene.

1: Heath, 2: Zombi, 3: Dale and Andrea, 4: Josie, 5: Father Gabriel, 6: Aaron, 7: Herschell, 8: Zombi, 9: Julie.

1: Heath, 2: Doctor Denise Cloyd, 3: Gregory, 4: Rick, 5: Zombi.

Bonus: 2 Artist Proof Sketchcards, Carl and Glenn. 3 remains, folks!